International freight forwarding

Across Russia and around the world
Мужчина в белой каске стоит между контейнерами в международном порту

International freight forwarding is a complex and responsible process that requires a professional approach and knowledge. Contact our transport company — we will quickly and safely deliver your cargo or goods from one country to another with minimal costs and risks. We carry out international transportation to Russia, Finland, China and other countries around the world.

Мужчина в белой каске стоит между контейнерами в международном порту

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    Мужчина в белой каске стоит между контейнерами в международном порту

    Stages of work

    • Planning. We define the goals and requirements of the client for transportation, choose the optimal type of transport (road, rail, sea, air or combined), develop a route and calculate the cost.
    • Processing. We prepare all the necessary documents for cargo transportation: invoices, invoices, certificates, declarations, insurance and others. We also carry out customs clearance of cargo in the country of departure and receipt.
    • Transportation. At this stage, we transport the cargo from the sender to the recipient, taking into account all the rules and standards of safety and quality. We monitor the condition and location of the cargo along the entire route using special tracking systems.
    • Delivery. At this stage, the cargo is accepted by the recipient, its compliance with the order and documents is checked, acts and protocols are signed, as well as payment for services.

    Advantages of international forwarding 

    • Economy. We take on all the tasks of organizing transportation and offer favorable tariffs.
    • Efficiency. We guarantee timely delivery of cargo on time and without delay, we control all stages of transportation and promptly solve problems and difficulties that arise.
    • Safety. We ensure the safety of your cargo from damage, loss or theft, we are responsible for the cargo and insure against risks. 

    Our services

    • Forwarding and escort of a car with the transported cargo.
    • Obtaining special permits and other necessary documentation.
    • Accurate execution of loading and unloading operations and delivery on time.
    • Warehousing and storage of goods on the territory of the company (Russia, St. Petersburg).
    • Cargo contingency insurance;
    • The possibility of online tracking of the transported object.
    • Wide geography of transportation

      The network of branches and partners of the FRAM Project company allows us to provide a full range of forwarding services in almost any ports and airports in Russia.

    • All categories of goods

      We work with all types of dangerous, temperature, oversized and special cargo.

    • Member of FIATA and ARE

      Since 2023, FRAM Project has been a member of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association (FIATA) and the Association of Russian Freight Forwarders (ARE).

    Contact us

    Our company has been in existence for more than 15 years and during this time we have accumulated valuable experience and knowledge in the field of logistics, which allows us to select the most profitable and convenient transportation options for each specific case.

    To find out the exact cost of cargo transportation and other services, call us by phone or leave a request on the website. We will contact you within 15 minutes and answer all your questions and place an order.

    Scheme of work

    1. 1

      Receiving a request for logistics services

      Use any convenient way for you to make an application: contact via the calculation form on the website, send an e-mail enquiry or call us by phone.

    2. 2

      Selecting the optimal logistics scheme

      The cost of the trucking service depends on the volume of goods, dimensions, weight, its characteristics, pick-up point and direction, type of transport used for transport, and urgency.

    3. 3

      Formulate a proposal and conclude a contract

      We detail all conditions: terms, price, transport, additional obligations of our company.

    4. 4

      Generating detailed documentation

      We will help you to draw up accompanying documents in accordance with all rules when transporting goods abroad and within Russia.

    Our clients and partners

    • Логотип компании Scheuerle
    • Логотип компании Объединенная Вагонная Компания
    • Логотип компании TIRSAN
    • Логотип компании Росатом
    • Логотип компании Тверьстроймаш
    • Логотип компании Goldhofer
    • Логотип компании Фосагро
    • Логотип компании BROSHUIS
    • Логотип компании Северсталь
    • Логотип компании Силовые машины
    • Логотип компании Норникель
    • Логотип компании Роснефть
    • Логотип компании Газпром

    Параметры груза

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      Cost of carriage

      The cost is calculated individually, because it depends on many factors: type of transport, mileage, type of cargo, paperwork, customs clearance, deadlines, etc.

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