General cargo transportation

Across Russia and around the world
Вид сверху на трюм корабля с генеральным грузом, краном либхер

Our company’s services include general cargo transportation. We undertake the entire scope of preparatory work: from selection of a suitable means of transportation to the required documents registration. We organize FTL transportation throughout Russia and other countries.

Вид сверху на трюм корабля с генеральным грузом, краном либхер

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    Вид сверху на трюм корабля с генеральным грузом, краном либхер

    General cargo and its transportation features

    General or FTL transportation is the large shipments of valuable piece goods transportation in any kind of packaging: bags, bags, boxes, crates, barrels, bales, containers and others. The type of packaging is selected according to the particular cargo characteristics.

    Since packaging is an important part of general transportation, we carefully check its quality before shipment; whether the packaging corresponds to the nature of the goods being transported; the presence of control tapes, markings; the absence of product leakage, foreign odors, etc. 

    The package remains sealed throughout the journey: the cargo is transported to its destination in the same container in which it was loaded.

    Types of General cargo: 

    • standard — up to 3 m;
    • oversized;
    • long — length — more than 3 m; 
    • light — less than 5 tons; 
    • heavy — more than 5 tons.

    Before transporting general cargo there must be careful preparation so that the whole process is successful and safe. Therefore, we strictly adhere to the following rules:

    • We fix the cargo securely , check the tightness of the packaging and the serviceability of the vehicle; 
    • We distribute the cargo efficiently in order to fill the transport as much as possible. 
    • We carry out loading and unloading, observing all technical standards.

    General cargo transportation methods

    General cargo can be transported by any type of vehicle: by sea, by rail, by air or by car. Below we compare the advantages and disadvantages of each type:

    • Marine transport operations. Advantages: suitable for large shipments; less likely to damage the cargo during transportation. The main disadvantage is duration.
    • The main advantage of air transport is the high speed of delivery: 3-5 days. An airplane is the best solution for fragile, valuable or perishable goods.  Disadvantages: an oversized item shipment cost will be higher.
    • Railway transport is suitable for long-distance transportation. But it is only possible where the railways are present. Railway transportation allows planning the date of arrival of the cargo, since rail transport runs regularly, according to an accurate schedule. Disadvantage: the cost of transportation by rail is higher than by sea, although the speed of delivery is higher as well. 
    • Trucks are the most profitable way to transport general cargo. It is suitable for short-distance transportation and optimally combines affordable cost, convenience and speed. A vehicle can be selected for any type of product, including oversized and heavy cargo. The advantages also include the ability to monitor the condition of the cargo during movement.

    Advantages of cooperation with us

    • own fleet of purpose-built vehicle;
    • safe loading, unloading and delivery of the object to the destination;
    • registration of special permits and other necessary accompanying documents; 
    • providing a pilot car if necessary;
    • cargo contingency insurance;
    • cargo storage on the company’s territory.

    Each vehicle of our company has a monitoring system that allows tracking the real time location of the cargo.

    • Flexible pricing policy

      We select the optimal route for all types of transport, based on the customer's wishes in terms of delivery time and distance.

    • Warranty and insurance

      We take full responsibility for the goods or equipment entrusted to us, we insure the cargo up to 500 million rubles.

    • We deliver to any country

      Thanks to our wide partnership network and international transportation experience, we can provide reliable and efficient delivery to four corners of the earth.

    Our services

    The FRAM Project transport company has more than 15 years of experience in the field of transportation of a wide variety of goods. We promptly solve any difficult task related to the transportation of general cargo. By cooperating with us, you can be sure that in case of an emergency or a delay in the shipment, we will contact you so that you can make changes to the schedule.

    The price for the delivery of general cargo depends on the type of goods, packaging, volume and total weight of the lot; the type of transport for transportation; the length of the route. Call us or leave a request on our website to get a quotation and order transportation. Our managers will contact you and help to choose the necessary services.

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