International marine transport operations

Across Russia and around the world
Синий тягач с пустым тралом в порту

One of the main logistics services of the FRAM Project company is international marine transport operations. We undertake all the preparatory work: we will select suitable options for sea transportation for you, we will issue all the necessary documents and permits. We ensure the safe movement of cargo from Russia to other countries of the world.

Синий тягач с пустым тралом в порту

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    Синий тягач с пустым тралом в порту

    Features of international maritime cargo transportation

    International marine transport operations is the transportation of goods between different countries by sea using vessels of various types and sizes. Marine transport operations has the following advantages:

    • Low cost. The cost of shipping cargo by sea is much lower than for other transport;
    • The possibility of delivering various goods. Water transport allows you to transport light, heavy, oversized, combined loads and many others;
    • Safety. Marine transport operations provides reliable protection of cargo from damage and loss through the use of containers and special fastening schemes;
    • Meeting deadlines. Seaports have well-defined routes and schedules, which allows you to plan cargo delivery up to the day;
    • Developed infrastructure. Marine transport operations has access to a large number of ports and terminals in different countries, which facilitates the organization of multimodal transportation and customs clearance.

    The choice of a marine vehicle depends on the type of cargo. For example:

    • Tanker: oil, petroleum products, liquefied gas;
    • Cargo ship: coal, grain, ore, cement and other bulk materials;
    • Container ship: containerized cargo, which may include any goods packed in standard containers;
    • Roller: for bulky goods;
    • Bulk carrier: for loose materials;
    • Refrigerated vessel;
    • A car carrier;
    • A ferry consisting of several levels.

    We provide a full range of services

    • Obtaining special permits and completing the full package of necessary documents.
    • Careful execution of loading and unloading operations.
    • Warehousing and storage of goods on the territory of the company (Russia, St. Petersburg).
    • Cargo contingency insurance;
    • Flexible pricing policy

      We select the optimal route for all types of transport, based on the customer's wishes in terms of delivery time and distance.

    • Warranty and insurance

      We take full responsibility for the goods or equipment entrusted to us, we insure the cargo up to 500 million rubles.

    • We deliver to any country

      Thanks to our wide partnership network and international transportation experience, we can provide reliable and efficient delivery to four corners of the earth.

    Our services

    For successful organization of international sea freight transportation, contact the FRAM Project transportation company. By cooperating with us, you can be sure that in case of an emergency or a delay in the shipment, we will contact you so that you can make changes to the schedule. 

    The price for transportation consists of different components: the dimensions and weight of the object, the cost of container freight, the cost of transporting goods from the warehouse to the destination, the cost of obtaining permits and certificates, the type of cargo transport used. 

    You can get more information by calling the numbers listed on the official website, or by leaving a request in the feedback form. Our specialists will contact you soon and give detailed advice on the cost of services based on the cargo data and place an order.

    Our clients and partners

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    Параметры груза

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      Cost of carriage

      The cost is calculated individually, because it depends on many factors: type of transport, mileage, type of cargo, paperwork, customs clearance, deadlines, etc.

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