International transportation from China

to Russia and other countries
Несколько контейнеров в оформлении флага Китая

International cargo transportation from China is a complex and responsible process that requires professional knowledge and experience. Therefore, it is worth contacting our specialized logistics company for reliable and safe transportation of goods from anywhere in China to other countries.

Несколько контейнеров в оформлении флага Китая

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    Несколько контейнеров в оформлении флага Китая

    Delivery Features

    To import cargo from China to Russia, you need to go through customs clearance, pay customs duties and taxes. This requires knowledge of customs legislation, classification of goods, documentation and procedures. It is also necessary to take into account the possible risks of delay or confiscation of cargo at customs. In order for the cargo from China to be delivered on time and in one piece, it is necessary to ensure its proper packaging, labeling, storage, transportation and insurance. 

    Cargo delivery from China is carried out in different ways, depending on your needs and budget. 

    • Air delivery is a fast and reliable delivery method, suitable for small, valuable and light cargo. The delivery time is 3-14 days, the minimum weight is 10-50 kg, the cost depends on the weight and volume of the cargo.
    • Shipping by sea is a cheap but long—term delivery method, suitable for heavy or oversized cargo over long distances. Delivery time is up to 60 days, minimum weight: from 200 kg, the cost depends on the volume and type of container.
    • Transportation by rail is an average delivery method in terms of speed and cost, suitable for large shipments of various cargoes. The delivery time is 15-35 days, the minimum weight is 100 kg, the cost depends on the weight and volume of the cargo.
    • Transportation by road is an expeditious and flexible delivery method, suitable for bulk cargo or door-to-door delivery. The delivery time is 14-16 days, the cost depends on the weight and volume of the cargo, as well as on the distance.

    Advantages of working with us

    Our transport company has its representative offices in China and other countries, and cooperates with reliable carriers and customs brokers. We offer optimal tariffs and delivery times, guarantee the quality of services and cargo safety, provide all necessary documentation and consultations. By contacting us, you save time and money, and also get a guarantee of successful delivery of cargo from China.

    We take upon ourselves the solution of all tasks:

    • registration of a full package of necessary documents;
    • warehouse services, loading and unloading operations;
    • delivery of the cargo on time to the destination;
    • forwarding, insurance and other services;
    • cargo control at all stages of delivery.
    • Flexible pricing policy

      We select the optimal route for all types of transport, based on the customer's wishes in terms of delivery time and distance.

    • Warranty and insurance

      We take full responsibility for the goods or equipment entrusted to us, we insure the cargo up to 500 million rubles.

    • We deliver to any country

      Thanks to our wide partnership network and international transportation experience, we can provide reliable and efficient delivery to four corners of the earth.

    Contact us

    The price of cargo transportation from China depends on the length of the route, the city of departure / destination, weight, volume and method of packing the cargo and other characteristics.

    To learn more about the cost of services, call us by phone or leave a request on the website. We will contact you within 15 minutes, answer all your questions and place an order.

    Scheme of work

    1. 1

      Receiving a request for logistics services

      Use any convenient way for you to make an application: contact via the calculation form on the website, send an e-mail enquiry or call us by phone.

    2. 2

      Selecting the optimal logistics scheme

      The cost of the trucking service depends on the volume of goods, dimensions, weight, its characteristics, pick-up point and direction, type of transport used for transport, and urgency.

    3. 3

      Formulate a proposal and conclude a contract

      We detail all conditions: terms, price, transport, additional obligations of our company.

    4. 4

      Generating detailed documentation

      We will help you to draw up accompanying documents in accordance with all rules when transporting goods abroad and within Russia.

    Our clients and partners

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    Параметры груза

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      Cost of carriage

      The cost is calculated individually, because it depends on many factors: type of transport, mileage, type of cargo, paperwork, customs clearance, deadlines, etc.

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